Universal Windshield Mount


  • ● Simple interface, heavy duty design. Our sliding lock lever design lets you attach and remove the mount easily. Once attached the mount will securely hold your mobile phone in place.

    ● The bracket can be adjusted to fit any mobile phone such as iPhone and Galaxy Note. The mount is fully adjustable with 360 rotation, for a full range of viewing angles.

    ● The adjustable arm holder is engineered to allow a smooth adjustment to hold devices of any size under 7"

    ● The lever lock is specially designed to easily lock the basemount onto the windshield easily. All you need to do is simply slide the lever to lock, and slide to release.


  • Base Mount Dimensions: 70 * 70 * 110mm
  • Base Mount Weight: 62g
  • Base Mount Material: ABS / PVC
  • Smart Phone Holder Dimensions: 50 * 90 * 45mm
  • Smart Phone Holder Distance / Clamps: 40 - 85mm
  • Smart Phone Holder Weight: 53g
  • Smart Phone Holder Material: ABS / EVA