Compact Charging Cable - Lightning

Rubber Key-Ring Cable - Lightning

Charge & Sync

The conductor is made with top quality cable conductor, along with high-strength aluminum connector. Authorized by MFi, the cable uses the Apple Lightning from Apple’s original factory, ensuring your product’s safety. Using this cable, users will achieve the fastest and most stable charging of their products, while ensuring safety as a top priority. At 10 cm long, the length ensures your convenience when going out.


Model No. DS-RI1114

More Than Power Charging

When DAUSEN was converting a visual process into the secretion of dopamine, the primary task was to add visual aspects onto the functional aspects of the product in order to let people gain dopamine from their daily use of our accessories. We combine the tasks of power charging and achieving happiness together and make the cables more valuable for our users to use.  

Compact and Portable

This rubber key-ring cable is extremely compact and can easily and securely clip onto any loop. This product is perfect for those who cannot or don’t want to carry a long cable. Slip it right in your pocket and you’re good to go.

MFi Certified

Dausen’s Rubber Key-Ring Lightning Cable is compatible with all Apple products. For iPhone, iPad, AirPods / Pro , and more portable devices equipped with Lightning interface. MFi certificate ensures you the highest performance, compatibility, and safety during use.

Vitamin Sized Orange With Unlimited Power

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How our products bring you happiness and good health


Modern Style

The design of the Rubber Key-Ring Lightning Cable makes the product both a charging cable and an accessory that our users can bring with them every day when they leave the house. Designed with a smooth rubber texture, the key-ring cable promotes a modern feel and energy.


Use and Storage

The rotating shaft is matched with the charging port storage sheath to achieve the most complete functions in the smallest space for using and storing. As long as the charging head is pulled out of the storage sheath, the charging cable can be unfolded and rotated out, and the mobile phone can be quickly charged directly with the power bank or charger.

  • Designed 4” detachable charging and sync cable for most convenient use on the go.

  • Apple MFI certified lightning cable ensures the best performance while charging and Sync.

  • Loop closure is perfect to clip on anything like keys, backpacks, jeans, purses…etc.

  • Tough Silicon cord and reinforced molded connector make the cable long life ever.

  • The best tangle-free companion to carry for charging your iphone and ipad.


Current: 2.1A max

Connector A: USB2.0 A Male

Connector B: C89 Lightning Male

Charge & Sync

Material: TPE+Aluminum

Cable length: 10cm

Certificate: CE / Rohs / MFI



Rubber Key-Ring Cable


Rubber Key-Ring Cable

Micro USB