The Effects of Visually Stimulating the Brain with Symbols

Symbols are used as a shortcut for brain communication. The most unique feature about the use of symbols is that they bypass conscious considerations and trigger the deeply embedded subconscious responses. Semioticists define “symbolic consciousness” as the act of finding the meaning and power of symbols. This “symbolic consciousness” that they call it, is the brain’s way of consciously cooperating with the symbols and allowing their meaning and powerful energy to enter the consciousness. This concept is like a key necessary to unlock the potential and energy that symbols bring us. So, how do we unlock your symbolic consciousness? Generally speaking, like all great skills, practice is required. The meaning of symbols is not instinctive or automatic. It must be interpreted and completed over time. However, in order to skip the unlocking process and allow users to directly receive the symbolic consciousness, DAUSEN uses the "Law of Cognitive Integration" to incorporate the commonly recognized images, knowledge and meaning of the chemical formula of dopamine into a symbol that we have created. Simply by using DAUSEN products or viewing the basic communications of our products on our website, you can easily bypass the long learning process and let the powerful energy of our symbol flow directly into your subconscious.

The Orange Dopamine

Color is defined as an abstract symbol. Through medical and scientific data, it is universally confirmed that through our vision, eachcolor is associated with its very own set of emotions. In the case of the color orange, the color drives happiness, health, vitality, self-confidence, enthusiasm, encouragement, determination, freedom and many other positive emotions when exposed to the human vision. These positive emotions are mainly produced through a series of chemical reactions in the human body through the secretion of dopamine in the brain. DAUSEN links the orange color with the dopamine symbol to create a unique overlapping symbol that “gives the color a shape and gives the symbol a color.” Placing the unique symbol on each product, DAUSEN users can visually bring themselves happiness, health and confidence, leading them to a much more colorful life through the invisible process of using DAUSEN.