Type-C to HDMI adapter

USB-C to HDMI Adapter

Ultra HD 4K x 2K

Adopting high standard HDMI high speed transmission technology, this USB hub provides the ultimate extension performance. Through the HDMI interface, 4K image and sound can be projected/mirrored onto a screen in real time. Suitable for entertainment, as well as work presentations.


Model No. DS-DP015

Enjoy the Joy at Work

If you have a happy heart at work, your mind will be more creative, your behavior will become more positive, and your relationships with people will come in harmony. Every day we work for about 8 hours, occupying about 1/3 of our day. If you can change your negative emotions at work using the DAUSEN USB-C HDMI adapter, you will happily welcome the satisfaction that your everyday work brings you.

Ultra HD 4K Quality

Using the latest USB3.1 Type-C interface for the computer, phone to connect large-screen display like TV, monitor, projector. A resolution of 3840 × 2160 at 60 Hz provides crystal clear video quality.

Extend and Mirror Your Laptop Screen

The HDMI port supports to extend or mirror display from your laptop for 4K quality. Compatible with Windows 10, MacOS and Chrome OS, this adapter transmits reliable video and audio signals for an excellent working experience.

For Both your Work and Entertainment

The Dopamine USB-C to HDMI allows you to watch movies, videos and more with a quality image that will impress your viewers. Share your screen with those around you today and enjoy your favorite shows and movies full screen.

Orange Dopamine, Your Visual Vitamin

Orange Dopamine, Your Visual Vitamin

Between the moment you wake up and the moment you leave the house every day, how much of the color orange do you see? The color orange can affect people and make them happier, more confident, and more passionate. Even if it’s as simple as the color of your coffee mug, the contribution that orange can do to your body and mind is stunning when you repeatedly visit the color.


How our products bring you happiness and good health


The USB-C Device That Brings You Positive Atmosphere

A person’s health and happiness are without a doubt closely related. To be in a happy state brings out a healthy sunshine-like aura. In order to achieve happiness, people often need tools to help them get there. The products that we develop has a primary goal of providing peopled with an effective tool that helps people produce dopamine, planting the happiness element. A simple adapter can bring you all sorts of happy experience.

Your Energy, Your Dopamine

Your Energy, Your Dopamine

Use it…. and secrete your dopamine! Be happy, be full of life, and consistently fill yourself with 100% energy!

  • Type-C to HDMI adapter for connecting a PC, notebook, mobile phone, or tablet to a HDMI-equipped monitor or display.

  • Supports high resolution HDMI video/audio signal with maximum resolution up to Ultra HD 4K x 2K.

  • Compact, portable and simple to use.

  • Premium grad aluminum housing and durable molded cable designed for the most frequent use every day.


Interface: USB Type-C

HDMI port: Supports resolution up to 4K / 60Hz

Material: Aluminum Alloy

Dimensions: 48*21*11mm

Cable length: 15cm

Weight: 20g

Certificates:CE/ Rohs



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